Traditionally, Buyers purchased homes and then did their own home inspections, but things have changed. Today, Sellers see the immense value of purchasing a $650(approx.) home inspection. It comes with a $20,000 structure and appliance warranty, which is transferable! The small investment in the pre-list inspection gives Sellers the upper hand when it comes to negotiations. It also gives Buyers the assurance that they don’t need to set aside money for potential breakdowns. That means Buyers who would set aside $10,000-$20,000 from their maximum offer for potential breakdowns, will now put that money towards their offer.


While this might sound like hearsay to most Sellers, so did staging 10 years ago. We believe that companies offering home inspections and transferable warranties are transforming the way Buyers and Sellers look at home inspections. Traditionally, home inspections were something Buyers did after they placed an offer, but now it’s something Sellers do proactively to enhance their home’s online presence. If you were shopping for a home online, and found a house that comes with an 18-month warranty, that speaks to the quality and maintenance done on the home over the years.

a prelist inspection gives the sellers the upper hand because:

Having a pre-list inspection gives you the upper hand in the sales process, because it gives you the chance to remedy any unforeseen wear and tear. It also shifts the Buyer’s mentality from “what if there is something wrong with the …” to “this house is perfect, and all the major components of the home is covered for 18 months”. Traditionally, Buyer’s would make an offer on a home contingent on a home inspection, but if the Sellers do the home inspection first, it influences the Buyers to remove that condition from their offer. The shift in mentality also leads to a higher sales price, because buyers aren’t setting aside money for potential breakdowns.

 The shift in mentality also leads to a higher sales price, because buyers aren’t setting aside money for potential breakdowns.

a $20,000 transferable warranty that covers the following major structures and appliances:


Whats our 2 cents?

If it were our house, we would purchase the pre-list home inspection and transferable warranty. We work with Buyer too, and we’ve experienced their anxiety around placing an offer on a home. They often hold back money in case of an unforeseen breakdown. Having a warranty that assures them they don’t need to set aside money means they can put that money towards the sale price of the home. It’s a simple, and cost-effective way to make your home stand out in the buyer’s mind.

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