At Sotheby’s, we like to say we are a marketing company in the real estate industry. Being a corporately owned brokerage, we are able to maintain very high standards within our company. We run a strict policy on all consumer-facing marketing. Every home, regardless of price, is professionally pictured, and for good reason. Sotheby’s broadcasts your home across multiple marketing channels: Locally, Nationally, and Internationally.

The Vanguard Of Marketing-Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal refers to Sotheby’s as the Vanguard Of Marketing. Our close collaboration with Wall Street Journal owes itself to our marketing standards. When the Wall Street Journal is looking for an interesting real estate story, they come to Sotheby’s. Our high standards give them beautiful pictures, videos and descriptions which can be turned into fantastic stories.

How it impacts your sale

Every home that is listed onto is approved by the office, to maintain the standards we’re known for. Since every image of our homes are pre-inspected before the homes are listed publically, we’re able to use our stock of listings to market your home in industry-first ways. Last week, we won the 2019 Internet Advertising Competition: Best Real Estate Online Ad, because of our interactive banner ads. Our banner ads allow Globe and Mail visitors to search ALL Sotheby’s listings within the ad itself.

International Marketing Partners

Innovative Marketing

2019 is an exciting year for Sotheby’s Marketing. While we just won the award for Internet Advertising, we’ve also added more industry first marketing than ever before. We are constantly offering new and innovative marketing, mostly online, for our listings. We offer new opportunities every season and most successful campaigns are added into our regular marketing. To remain at the forefront of real estate, we need to constantly innovate.

Targeted Marketing

To create a targeted audience, Sotheby’s has partnered with industry leaders like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Globe And Mail, and MasterCard. With our partnerships, we’re able to build a customized “profile” to market our homes to. We don’t waste dollars on billboards and bus shelters, we target our marketing to people most interested in, and qualified to, buying your home.




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