A beautiful home in the wood

While we both possess the knowledge and the tools to be successful, we also have the desire to exceed our client’s expectations. It’s the artful mending of both these traits, which has been the backbone for building our business. Our clients had to realize that they would not receive the same attention, expertise, and service from any other team, so they came back and referred their friends, family, and colleagues to us.

As a team, we:

  • offer fair and transparent commission.
  • are knowledgeable of international real estate customs (we’ve lived on three continents, sold real estate on two, and owned property on five).
  • have strong negotiation skills.
  • offer customized and creative marketing plans, tailored to your home.
  • list your home on multiple, local and regional real estate boards (from Toronto to Niagara, and up to Simco)
  • offer professional photography, floor plans, and brochures.
  • install professional signage on a solid wood post.
  • use best practises to broadcast your home across the web, and social media.


When it comes to buying:

  • We offer complimentary current market analysis on properties you’re interested in purchasing, so you can rest assured you’re getting the home for a fair and reasonable price.
  • We know how to negotiate across all cultures.
  • We know how to win bidding wars.

When working with buyers, we like to say we have succeeded in our job, when you cross the threshold of a home and know that you love it, and know that it’s a good deal. When you reach that point in your search, you are ready to buy without hesitation or regret. We are experts at figuring out what you need, and refining the search to find the perfect home in the quickest amount of time.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, please contact us today.