Here are 5 expectations you should have when beginning your home search:

Offer Negotiations

The most nerve-wracking part of buying a home is the negotiation process. A home is only worth what a willing buyer will pay, and a willing seller will accept. However, some Sellers are not willing to accept the Buyer’s highest price.

Multiple Offers

In today’s market, it’s not uncommon to hear of multiple offer situations. It’s just as stressful for the Seller as it is for the Buyer. An appeal to emotion can go a very long way in a multiple offer situation. Some Sellers will rather see their home go to a young family, than a builder that wants to knock it down, and the Sellers are willing to forfeit money because of their emotional attachment to their home.

Process of Elimination

Falling in love with a home that doesn’t check the initial list. The perfect home might not be your original idea of the perfect home. Part of our sales process is to eliminate homes that don’t fit your criteria, and along the way your initial list of must-haves changes.

You’ll Learn The Value of Property

We approach buying a home as a process of elimination, rather than one of selection, or settling. Once we have eliminated the homes, and areas you aren’t interested in, we can start focusing real potentials. Our aim is to educate our client’s to the point that when they cross the threshold of a home, they know whether it’s a good price, and whether they can see themselves living in the home.

The Market is Fast Paced.

In a market that is appreciating, and record sale prices are being set every month, the perfect home might be priced a little higher than you’re comfortable with. However, you will realize that if you do not act on the home now, in a couple months the market would have increased and that home will be out of reach.

The perfect home is a means of self-expression.

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