In 1744, in the heart of London, an auction house was born with the revered tradition of selling the world’s most cherished possessions. Today, Sotheby’s conducts auctions in the world’s most venerable salesrooms, and represents the world’s most cherished possessions, regardless of price.


In the last 272 years, Sotheby’s has distinguished itself as a leader in the auction world. Our auctions are held in the most prestigious auction houses in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Geneva, Milan, Doha, Zürich and Beijing. Sotheby’s has over 40 offices across the globe , and has a presence here in Yorkville, Toronto.

Sotheby’s is an experience

Sotheby’s is an experiential luxury, consignments range drastically in price, yet will always receive the same marketing Sotheby’s is renowned for. From fine china, to jewelry, to the recent sale of the Picasso and Modigliani, Sotheby’s represents the world’s collectables with prestige.


Why Sotheby’s?

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell antiques, fine art, jewelry, or property, Sotheby’s is the only stop to help buyers and sellers purchase or sell their desired object. Sotheby’s consistently sets records for highest prices for sellers, and buyers know to come to Sotheby’s to purchase items or property which may be held privately, or for sale at auction.

Noteworthy Departments

Sotheby’s sells in over 50 categories, and each department has exclusive partnerships within the city they operate. Yorkville has exclusive relationships throughout Toronto, and can facilitate the disposition and accusation of anything from fine wine, to exotic cars. View Sotheby’s departments.

What can I buy or sell at Sotheby’s?

Sotheby’s handles sales in over 50 categories, including Antiquities, African Art, Impressionist & Modern Art, Old Master Paintings, Contemporary Art, Jewellery, Furniture, Watches and Wine. View Sotheby’s departments.


Visit Sotheby’s to view their upcoming consignments, and significant sales.