Looking to sell your Canadian property while overseas? We’re specialists in helping overseas clients sell their properties, while out of the country. We use the latest technology, like electronic signatures, and can handle the sale from start to close online.

If you’re selling your home from overseas, it’s good to know that the process is rather simple, and that everything can be completed online. Even offers can be signed securely, from any device, anywhere.

What we need from you

Selling your home from out of the country is no different than a traditional sale, except the paperwork is signed electronically. For legal reasons, we would also need photocopies of your ID. But other than that, it’s as if we were signing it in person at a local coffee shop.

What we do

In today’s market, clients buy and sell homes from overseas every day. 20% of our buyers are buying a home from overseas and are buying from pictures, floorplans, virtual tours, and descriptions. Which is why we believe, it is very importance to market your home with pictures, floorplans, a tour, and a good description. How else could they make a decision and offer their best price, if they cannot imagine the layout of the home?

Market to your buyers

We know buyers. Today, our market is driven by three groups: first-time buyers, families, and international buyers. 2/3rds of all first-time buyers are millennials, families make up the median market, and the high-end market has a strong international representation. These are important to consider, because millennials usually have parents who are involved in the transaction, who would use floorplans and images to give their kids guidance. Families are looking for a functional home for their growing family, so it’s important to showcase the homes’ size, and principle rooms. International buyers are the most demanding when it comes to photography, videos and floorplans. Listings with video receive 400% more inquiries online than listings without video.

Our marketing plan

With great marketing material, we push our listings out to the local real estate boards, but also to internatinonal buyers around the world. Through Sotheby’s International Realty, we have access to 130 international websites, as well as exclusive marketing on such websites as Jawai, the chinese MLS.

If you’re looking for additional information on selling your home from overseas, please contact us. We offer fair and transparent prices, and honest advice.

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