Everyone deserves extraordinary service, regardless of price range. 

Great things in business are rarely accomplished by one person, rather they are the result of a well-organized team. The Lourantos Group at Sotheby’s follows a strict business model, where Christo and Janette each focus on their core, individual strengths. Christo specializes in new and alternative media, while Janette specializes in client experience. Delegating tasks makes each of them stronger in their perspective role, and they both keep each other accountable to their extremely high standards, making them a suitable team for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Together, Janette and Christo have experienced working at several leading brokerages, and each opportunity led to them acquire new skills and best practices, which they have amalgamated into one stellar experience for their clients. It’s their extensive knowledge, best practices, and their relationship with Sotheby’s International Realty that allows them to confidently state, “We offer a service like no other.”

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