We work with both Buyers and Sellers, and we know what attracts them to a home, and what drives them away. This list includes what we think are the most important things to tackle when selling your home:

Buyers will make a decision within 15 seconds of entering your home

With that in mind, clear up the yard and spruce up your flowerbeds. If your buyers are visiting in winter make sure the path is clear and salted. If they are visiting in the evening turn on the lights so they can see the home in it’s best light. Remove excess furniture and clutter from the entrance.

Neutralize your home

Not all buyers share your same passions. Ask your real estate agent, and stager, what should go and what can stay. They will work with you so everyone can come to a mutual agreement of the look and feel we are going for.

Attack the Kitchen

Start in the Kitchen by removing as many small appliances off your countertop as possible. Also remove any knife blocks for safety reasons. Throw away your heavily used wash towels and buy some new kitchen clothes that are used purely for staging. Scrub the inside of all major appliances, and declutter the cupboard, serious buyers are going to take a peak inside the cupboards and fridge.

Attack the bathrooms

Buyers want to see a spotless bathroom. Remove excess toiletries from the shower, and bathtub and put your toothbrush in the cupboard. Place a soap dispenser next to the washbasin, and buy fresh, white towels, bathmats, and shower curtains for staging. For pictures and showings close the toilet seat.

Take a look at the living areas

Declutter the living areas, and consider every room’s intended use. If seasoned buyers enter a home in their price range, in an area they are familiar with, they have certain expectations. Consider turning your office back into the family room, or the third bedroom.

Clean everything

Buyers will notice a clean home. Clean the inside and outside of windows and doors, have the carpets washed, and scrub the hard flooring. If the walls and baseboards are scuffed, the cheapest way to make a huge impression is repainting them. Paint the walls in neutral colors, and paint the baseboards, and doors, white.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Getting your home prepared for sale is stressful, but a real estate agent can help. We’ve helped hundreds of people like you prepare their home for sale. We have good input, and reliable contacts to get the job done right. We’re the people to tell you what you need to hear.


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