Along with charm, history, and good bones, Historic homes also come with bigger carrying costs, utility bills and a few more headaches. But Historic homes carry a charm that is lost in today’s housing, and many people cherish their historic homes.


The architecture of historic homes carry with them a feeling of nostalgia, a feeling of home, and all the values that come with a home; like cultivating family bonds, and enjoying the company of friends. Behind the beautiful facade of an historic home is often an elegant, time-less interior that helps families forget about the usual distractions of life, and focus on relaxing and having enjoying each other’s company.


Mastering Time

Blending antique design with modern amenities is an art. While today’s interior design favors open plan living, it’s important to keep some structure and divide between the rooms in an older home. Most historic designations only apply to the exterior of the home, so in theory, owners can renovate the interior to their own taste, but retrofitting an historic home with modern living spaces can devalue the property.

The kitchen is becoming the social hub of the home. So we recommend creating an inviting timeless environment with modern luxuries. But, try to retain some of the period detailing throughout the home. Buyers love period crown molding, stained glass, ornate staircases, original wood, antique sinks, 12 inch baseboards, and the list goes on…

Victorian Period Home

Selling victorian homes


Articulating Value

Historic homes were designed with extreme forethought. They are built to take advantage of the breezes during summer, and light during winter. And, the owners that restored and maintained these historic homes often take extreme care renovating and updating both the home and the property while paying attention to the original plans for the home. Some homes even have gardens planted with period plants, like Japanese Maples and Hydrangeas. When selling an historic home it’s extremely important to find a real estate agent with an eye for details that can articulate value for the buyers. hydrangea japanese-maple

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