Sailing In Port Dover

More and more of our clients are selling their homes in the GTA and moving to Port Dover than ever, so we’re writing this guide to help you understand Port Dover real estate.


Port Dover is known for three things:

  1. Tempered climate (for Canada), which means warmer weather, more greenery, and world-renowned bird watching. It also means hiking, sailing, golfing and cross-country skiing are all big in Norfolk County.
  2. It’s slower-paced and peaceful, except for the Friday 13th, when thousands of motorcycle riders ride out to the coastal village. It’s loud and crowded, however, most Ontario bikers are retired dentists and accountants.
  3. The little town is very walkable. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the pier, the local shops, and the owner-operated businesses. (Although, big box stores are only a 15-min drive from town).

Port Dover Lifestyle and Demographics

Port Dover emerged from a busy fishing port into an adult-lifestyle community. Every year more and more couples and singles move to Port Dover after their kids leave the nest. Many are cashing in on their larger homes to downsize their expenses and focus on more leisurely activities. Port Dover is known for its laid-back lifestyle, which includes leisure sports like golfing, sailing, biking, cross-country skiing, and bird-watching. (That’s George Lourantos in the header image, and Janette Lourantos in the image below with the bird.)

Janette Lourantos Bird-Watching

Janette Lourantos Bird-Watching


port dover real estate

Real Estate in Port Dover was influenced by the two major turning points of the community. Decades ago, it was a major fishing port (it still is), so there are many smaller homes, which were renovated over the years. Port Dover has since become a destination for retirees, vacationers, and families, so the real estate has changed once again. Today, builders are focusing on raised bungalows which cater to the 50+ age group. The homes feature all the amenities of a regular home, plus main floor master bedrooms and washrooms. The idea here is that the home will suit the buyer’s next life stages easily.

How does The Lourantos Group Help?

While we don’t sell resale homes in Port Dover, but we are up-to-date on the preconstruction homes in Norfolk County. If moving to Port Dover is in your future plan, we can help you secure your future preconstruction home, and sell your current home in the GTA. Alternatively, we can also help you find a diligent, local Port Dover Real Estate Agent.





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