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Okay, so today we’re going to address the reason why EVERY HOME needs professional photography and videography.


The cost of professional photography is around just .001% of the sale price of your home. That’s sort of true, regardless of the sale price of your home, because larger more expensive homes cost more to photograph. Anyways, .001% is minimal when we’re dealing in the $100,000s and even $1,000,000s.

Did you know, homes with professional photography sell for more, and sell quicker? That’s because the images of your home are your primary marketing resource. You can’t describe a home better than a single image. So, why spend $10,000’s to hire professionals to sell your home, only to have them skimp on the most important marketing materials?


Sotheby’s International Realty believes photography is so important, that we are not allowed to list homes with amateur photographs. All 19,000 realtors worldwide MUST list homes with professional photography. That’s because the return on investment for the seller just makes sense. If that is true around the globe, it is especially true here in the GTA where home prices are among the highest in regions where Sotheby’s operates.


High-quality photography is paramount for all marketing, whether digital or traditional. The first impression a home makes on a buyer is the most important. We spend a lot of money advertising our clients’ homes, and that spending would be futile if the images we were using were sub par.

7 Reasons Why to hire a professional

Good photos are all about preparation, practice, professionalism, and post-production. Below are the 6 facets of a professional photographer’s job:

  1. Scouting the shoot. Good photos aren’t a coincidence. It takes careful consideration of the lighting, the time of day, and the angles of the home and furniture to create impactful images.
  2. An artistic perspective. You don’t need 500 images, you need 25-45 perfect images.
  3. Professional editing. Images must have equal tones throughout, no black or white spots. Don’t use overly edited, super HDR images, because they look fake and detract from the authenticity of your home’s listing.
  4. Images that are seasonally appropriate. Nothing screams stale listing like images with snow in the yard during July.
  5. The perfect composition. Photographers know the best way to fill the space, and where to use lines to direct a homebuyers’ line of vision.
  6. Images that exclude personal items, toiletries, or untidy spaces. These items distract the buyer from the home.
  7. Your first three images on your listing are the most important to make a lasting impression on the buyer. The first three pictures do not need to all be in a specific sequence. Sometimes we use a mix of exterior shot, living area shot, and kitchen shot, to showcase the best assets of the home first.

Professional quality, high-resolution images are an integral part of our marketing plan. With buyers relying on the internet to find their next home, a good photo can get a homebuyer through the door. Sotheby’s International Realty recently launched a new marketing initiative to drive more traffic to our listings by showcasing a single stellar image from some of our most beautiful homes. There are no price minimums to get into this series, it’s all about the artistic perspective of the image. Check out our Moment’s Campaign below.