Canada to China real estate insight

It’s an awkward line to draw when it comes to labeling someone an international buyer, because international buyers have been unfairly blamed for pushing up house prices. Officially, International investment in our market is around a minuscule 5%, and is expected for any world-class city. However, there are many permanent residents, students and contract workers from overseas, like Asia, who do account for a sizable portion of purchases in certain neighborhoods in the GTA. These residents make up the fabric of Canada, and often bring necessary skills for our growing economy. It can be very profitable for homeowners to stage and market their home with the intent to sell to the most prominent buyer demographic in their neighborhood.


We have a listing coming up in Joshua Creek, where the most common buyer demographic is what we call “South Asian Achievers”. This buyer demographic holds family values in very high regard, and it’s very important to have a home with enough space so that the grandparents feel there is a space for them for extended visits. Our listing has a separate main floor den and washroom, and also a walkout basement with a bedroom, kitchenette and washroom. In this listing, we’re highlighting both the entertaining potential in the home, but also the potential for long-term guests.


Before we list a home, we research the most prominent buyer in your neighborhood. We believe we’re not ready to sell your home, until we can practically tell you who is going to buy your home.

Only once we have a buyer demographic, can we effectively advertise your home to the most qualified buyer. The more targeted our marketing, the fewer viewings you receive and the more qualified and serious buyers come through your front door. It’s a win-win.


Understanding your buyer demographic

Once we have the buyer demographic, it’s a matter of branding and placing your home in front of them. If the buyer is predicted to be Asian, we know that they want the description to confirm the prominent school catchment, the size of the home, and the exposure of the home. This demographic also places a lot of importance of brand names and branding. Asian buyers find it exceedingly important that your realtor, and their brand, is authentic and respectable. They won’t buy from a realtor described as a “shark” or “negotiation expert”, they value ethics, authenticity and respect.

We also know that as a whole, they take pride in their community and enjoy being involved in their community. They find it important to live near friends and relatives as well, which is understandable with any faction of Canadian residents. Because of this, we strongly recommend a for sale sign, and just listed flyers, because the neighbors are likely to recommend the home to their friends and relatives.


Jawai: the gateway to the chinese buyer, and the gatekeeper of all relevant information

Since many of our international buyers come from China, and China has an impenetrable firewall, we’ve paired up with Juwai.  Juwai is the “Chinese MLS”, and it gives residents in China a platform to view international real estate. This is one of the only ways to advertise your home to China, but we’ve also found that some Canadian buyers are viewing homes on Juwai too.

For more reading on China to Canada Real Estate Advertising please download the PDF below:

China To Canada Real Estate Investments