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You might think you need a 2-story home because it’s the only layout that will fit your families needs. But, you’d be shocked by how comfortably a family can fit inside a range style home or a large townhome. We think it’s important to outline your desired lifestyle and the use of your dream home before settling on a housing type. Opening up your boundaries means you can live closer to the lake, or the city. It also doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing, townhomes and condos are designed to utilize space much better than traditional 2-story homes.


What’s The Difference Between Condos, Townhomes, and Houses?


Modern condos are well-laid out, and feature incredible amenities, predictable maintenance costs, and enhanced security. Condos are no longer the entry-level home they were decades ago; today, condos are built as resorts with indoor pools, gyms, saunas, indoor golf ranges, tennis courts and more.

However, with condos, you need to be aware of ownership, responsibilities, and restrictions. You own your unit outright, but you also own a small portion of the common elements too. All residents are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the whole building, but that responsibility is usually handled by the condo corporation and the condo residents.

Timeless Townhomes

We affectionately refer to townhomes as timeless, because they are a fantastic housing type that almost everyone will live in eventually. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, an intermediate buyer, or a luxury buyer, there are townhomes that will suit your budget and lifestyle. Townhomes usually allow residents to buy into a nicer neighborhood, without sacrificing interior space. You’re closer to your neighbors, but depending on the build quality you, cannot tell the difference between a good townhome or a detached home once inside.

A townhome combines the best elements of condos and detached homes.

Detached Houses

In a city where land is quickly becoming the new gold standard in real estate, detached houses are the hallmark of the perfect family home. You have the most rights in terms of ownership, meaning you can upgrade, rebuild, add-on, and completely remodel your home. Budget is the only limiting factor when it comes to detached homes.


Whether you’re choosing between a condo, a townhome or a detached home, we think the main consideration is the lifestyle. Lifestyle has many different facets, from commute time to work, proximity to amenities, and time required for maintenance. You should live in a home and neighborhood that inspires you. If you’re looking for a team that sells everything from condos to detached homes, contact us.


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