As of September 2019, there are over 100 new preconstruction developments currently selling in Oakville Mississauga and Burlington, and there are dozens of proposed preconstruction projects coming soon. With dozens of builders like, Menkes, Great Gulf, Minto, Linvest, Primont, Rosehaven,

Because Some Things Are Better Brand New…

Whether you’re buying preconstruction as an investment or as your primary residence, it poses a huge learning curve. Buying preconstruction is very different from buying resale. Don’t rely on the builder’s representatives to tell you everything you need to know about making your purchase decision. The price you see is the lowest possible price, and there are additional closing costs, fees, and potentially HST (if you’re buying it as an investment). Only a skilled real estate advisor can get you the best deal on preconstruction condos, townhomes, and detached homes.


VIP Oakville Preconstruction Realtors

Builders release homes in phases. The first phase is the cheapest phase and that is sold to the builder’s employees and family. The next phase is released to VIP Realtors, Realtors who have existing relationships with the builders. These agents get incentive pricing for their clients. Only once the first two phases are sold does the builder usually open to the public. At this point, there have been two or more price increases.

Occasionally, realtors are offered additional incentives for their clients. Incentives include:

  •  reduced deposit structures
  •  capped development levies
  •  free “design dollars”
  •  right to assign the contract prior to the home being completed
  •  floorplan upgrades like free taller ceilings in the basement


Current Preconstruction Projects In Oakville

For the best price offering on these and newly released developments, contact us.



Glen Abbey Encore

The most common development we are asked about is the Bronte golf course preconstruction townhomes and singles. This development is currently in its very early stages. They are launching on the 21st of September. A VIP viewing is happening on the 19th, if you’re looking for floorplans and prices please contact us.




Keep Informed

If you’re interested in Oakville preconstruction, or any preconstruction in Burlington and Mississauga, shoot us a message and we will gladly keep you in the loop.


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