Janette Lourantos Sotheby's For Sale Sign

We think “For Sale” signs are a very strong marketing tool in real estate, even though they might seem dated. Sometimes privacy trumps marketing, but read our blog below for the reasons why we recommend it.

The Leads Already like The Curb Appeal and the neighborhood

When we receive calls from our For Sale signs, we know that it’s a hot lead because: The buyer likes the neighborhood, and the curb appeal of the home. It’s much easier to convert that lead into a buyer, than someone from out of town who has only seen the digital photos of your home.

it attracts buyers who are interested in moving, only if they find the right home

People move for many reasons, and one of them is emotion. Emotion is the strongest driving factor for buyers moving when they weren’t originally planning a move. You wouldn’t believe how many people impromptu move because their dream home on the corner of their favorite street suddenly came up for sale. Or, they are visiting their friends, or family, and notice that a neighbor’s house is for sale. We have clients that purchased a home because they passed by it often and always admired its historic architecture, and one day they noticed a for sale sign on the lawn.

What does our Sotheby's Sign mean to buyers?

Everyone is busy. Someone might drive past your home and think, “wow I’ve always admired that home.” But they are too busy to write down the address or agent’s phone number. But, they will remember the blue Sotheby’s sign, because it’s the same design all 19,000 Sotheby’s agents worldwide use.

We like to believe the buyer will also think that since the seller chose to sell with Sotheby’s, the seller must really love their home, and wanted the best marketing and brand recognition on the market.




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