Lorne Park is arguably one of Mississauga’s best neighborhoods. After experiencing a boom in the early 20th century, Lorne Park is also one of Mississauga’s oldest neighborhoods. Because of its age, it’s known for mature trees, small residential roads, and huge, private lots. It is also very centrally located. On a good day, it’s only a 20 minute drive to Toronto, and an 18 minute drive to the Airport. Even though this community is only a stone’s throw away from the city, it feels like it’s in the country. During hot summer days, this neighborhood is the perfect retreat. It is surrounded by parks, rivers, marshes, and is fronting onto Lake Ontario.


Quiet Treelined Street in Mississauga's South End


The Average Lorne Park Home

Compared to other affluent neighborhoods in the west-end, Lorne Park has the most eclectic mix of housing types. Since it’s an older community with large lots, developers have come in and built a lot of custom homes. While the predominant housing type in the neighborhood is split between single-level ranches and 2-story homes, there are some rare houses too.

When a family finds the perfect neighborhood, they often build their dream house. As a result, Lorne Park has a scattering of craftsman houses, contemporary homes, traditional homes, and even some mid-century modern homes.

The most desired homes in Lorne Park are usually the newer one-level homes. One-level living is a very big feature in Lorne Park, with many younger families and retirees all vying for the same single-level type homes.


Beautiful Ranch-Style Home In Clarkson


For The Active Family

Lorne Park offers families a place to grow. The community is minutes to parks, marshes, golf courses, tennis courts, and even has a cycling trail that could take you all the way to Toronto.

The community is packed with natural walking trails, like the Rattray Marsh. Because of the influx of working families, the area also has fantastic sports and recreation centers. If you’re avid about hot yoga, Power Yoga Canada is a fantastic studio with a variety of normal and heated classes. The Ontario Racquet Ball Club (ORC) features racquet sports, sports classes like spinning and hot yoga, and even features a large indoor lap pool.

Mississauga Golf Course, just north of Lorne Park, is one of Greater Toronto’s best-regarded clubs. The club features an historic presence dating back over 100 years.  Sitting on a beautiful course with holes that plunge into the natural valleys of the Credit River, this private club is sure to impress . The Credit River, which winds through the Mississauga Golf Club, is the diving line between Lorne Park and Mineola — another remarkable community in South Mississauga.

The Credit River That Cuts Through Mineola and Lorne Park

Lorne Park Estates: Exclusive Community

Nestled south of Lakeshore Rd between Jack Darling Memorial Park and Richard’s Memorial Park sits the exclusive community of Lorne Park Estates. The estates have been in existence for over 130 years, and are very exclusive. The roads are privately owned and managed by the community. Which means all residents contribute to a fund to maintain the roads as well as the forests. If you’re planning to build, or renovate, a home in the estates, it’s very important to seek permissions from the community association.


The Important Stuff

Lorne Park Secondary School is the primary High School in Lorne Park. The school ranks well, coming in 8th out of Mississauga High Schools.

The ORC is a fantastic fitness club catering to avid racquet ball sports players. The club participates in tournaments across the west end. Visit the club at Ontarioracquetclub.com

The Mississauga Golf Club was named in a guide by Rolex as one of the area’s best private clubs, after the greens were rebuilt in 2007. The club also offers a range of other activities both in and out doors. Visit the club at Mississaugagolf.com


The industrial land just east of Port Credit is in the process of being redeveloped into residential and commercial space. The redevelopment will bring more high-paying industries to the neighborhood, and secure Mississauga as one of Canada’s top neighborhoods to live and work in. Lorne Park is guaranteed to maintain it’s prestige in coming years, and with more residents and businesses moving into Mississauga, the community will become more and more desirable.


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